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The 8 Winter Songs:


1. As I Go Away
2. Poison Myself
3. Where Your Beauty Lies
4. Hiding
5. When The Well Runs Dry
6. The Regret That I Am
7. Home (Now I Know)
8. Everything You’re Looking For


Total duration:
28 minutes + 28 seconds




Press Quotes:


“Such grandiose ambition—such direct heart”
         – Jack Rabid,

            Big Takeover (Brooklyn, NY)


“He introduces jazz moves, classical ideas, and lush pop, with cello, trumpet, and a grand chorus of voices among the guests. With a fine, soothing voice as well, Hikele has done wonders for the piano player.”
        – Bob Mersereau,

           Top 100 Canadian Singles Blog

           (New Brunswick)


“After We Fly gratifyingly takes his body of work to a brilliant new plateau… exhilarating listen that creates a world of its own”
        – Rod Nicholson,

           SCENE Magazine (London)



The full programme – a 22 song double LP – “ WINTER ” – coming winter 2017




Each recording will be expanded for inclusion in the future release – either a tape recording or an intro/outro has been omitted from the original version  – so there is something to look forward to on the complete Winter LP. Questions? Read below.




Composed and recorded by The Sun Harmonic (a.k.a. Kaleb Nathaniel Hikele)

Kaleb Hikele performs: vocals, piano + keyboards, acoustic + electric guitars, drums + hand percussions, melodica, cello, trumpet, and the beer bottle triad


Accompanists (in order of appearance):
Jen Routhier ( harmony, trk. 1, 3, 5, 8 )
Nika Smith ( harmony, trk. 1 – 5 )
Tanya Semple ( harmony, trk. 1, 3 – 5 )
Zack Buck ( drum kit #1, trk. 5 )
Jenay Hikele, sister ( harmony, trk. 7 )


Recorded in Toronto, Claremont, Stoney Creek, and at home in Riverdale
Engineers (chronological): Warren Hutton, Josh Bowman, Zack Buck, K. Hikele

Thank you to all who helped and inspired.
Special thanks to Warren Hutton, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Dave Skrtich and Jen Routhier for their creative input, consultation and honesty that shaped this release.


So, what is “Winter”?


We all find our way to fight the winter blues. I’ll share mine with you, a taste of the medicine that got me through these cold seasons for the last five years.

What started as my “piano album” turned in to a much larger scope of folk and rock piano songs, woven with a strong jazz and classical fabric.


“Winter” – the variety of sounds it creates. Here it comes… wait, where’d it start?

After the release of Season (a Sun Harmonic album from 2010) the concept of Winter came to fruition. Kaleb’s mission: to write songs for the piano, exclusively during the winter months, every time winter came back each year. Each of the four seasons were considered, however, being Canadian it was only obvious that winter would be the most pronounced and most influential time of year.


Through the winter of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Kaleb wrote songs for the piano. In 2014, the snow fell and studio time was booked for floor recordings at two locations with grand pianos. The songs were first attended to in a marathon home recording over the next 7 cold winter days, a span of 168 hours. Over time, friends were invited in to the process, others were invited to listen along the way. Today, the full Winter album is a 22-song concept album, to be released in the winter of 2016 as a double LP.


This Winter, early 2015, you will see & hear the first preview of Winter songs, in the form of 8 songs called “After We Fly”. Each of these songs were shortened or altered to exclude a part of itself, as it appears on the complete ‘Winter’. This means, after listening to all 8 songs, there are still eight sound clips to look forward to when you hear them again. Suspenseful, isn’t it?


Contact me with any questions you may have. I’m always happy to talk about this experience.


Kaleb “The Sun Harmonic” Hikele







A selection of 8 ‘Winter’ songs,
brought to you by The Sun Harmonic.


Released March 10th, winter 2015.



Listen to the closing track, "EVERYTHING YOU'RE LOOKING FOR" 

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