The Sun Harmonic is a Canadian folk rock band, originating from the pseudonym of singer-songwriter and prolific recording artist Kaleb Hikele. Under this stage name he has released the fifth studio album, Coast to Coast, made of folk songs recorded in five studios all across Canada. This LP follows the release of the trio's first collaborative recordings, 'It's All Okay, Thanks to You'. The EP was released one month into the pandemic, spinning for eight months during lockdowns in 2020 across satellite radio airwaves in North America.


Kaleb has self-produced original music from his home recording studio since 2009, drawing attention from SiriusXM, CBC Radio and Canadian Musician Magazine. The Sun Harmonic has since received accolades from Record Store Day and Canada's Walk of Fame. Two new studio albums are in the works, one solo folk album and the bands new rock record, both poised to be released in 2022.

“To The Blue is a blissed-out folkie piece, with a gorgeous catchy melody and a Cat Stevens vibe. With mentions of rivers running to the sea, long driving afternoons and the sweet silences of couples, it feels just like, you know, Canada. The whole album should be quite a trip.”

– Bob Mersereau, Top 100 Canadian Albums author (New Brunswick)

“Their stunning musicality is a breath of fresh air in the ever-changing music scene, and The Sun Harmonic are right at the top of the game. “It’s All Okay Thanks to You,” is a marvelous masterpiece that will send you comfort during these times.”

– Live in Limbo (Toronto)

“Sign on the Road is an uplifting piece that our ears surely do need right now. Forge ahead The Sun Harmonic; we need you now more than ever. ”

– The Indie Source (Hollywood, LA)

“Such grandiose ambition—such direct heart”
– Jack Rabid, Big Takeover (Brooklyn, NY)


“He introduces jazz moves, classical ideas, and lush pop, with cello, trumpet, and a grand chorus of voices among the guests. With a fine, soothing voice as well, Hikele has done wonders for the piano player.”
– Bob Mersereau, Top 100 Canadian Singles Blog (New Brunswick)


“After We Fly gratifyingly takes his body of work to a brilliant new plateau… exhilarating listen that creates a world of its own”
– Rod Nicholson, SCENE Magazine (London, Ontario)


Living // Toronto, Canada

Born //  St. Thomas, Ontario
Active Since //  2009
Band Members //
Kaleb Hikele (piano, guitar + vocals)
Dave Skrtich (drums + moral support)
Ian McLennan (bass guitar + vocals) 

Genres // Folk/Rock (with soul, jazz and classical taste) 

Discography //

Coast to Coast (LP, 2021)
A Dream I've Had (Single, 2020)
It's All Okay, Thanks To You (EP 2020)
A Heart So Heavy (7" vinyl, spring 2019)
In The Forest (single, Apr 2019)
Winter (2017 double LP)
The Sun with Heart Strings (2017 live EP)
After We Fly (2015 LP)
The Eight of Hearts (2013 EP)
Songs by Strangers (2013 covers LP)
Season (2010 LP)
Chemistry (2010 LP)
The Sun Harmonic (self-titled, 2009 LP) 

Past & Present Side Projects //
King Snake Crawl
The Other Birds
The Broadview Band
Low Hanging Lights
Kaleb Hikele (solo records)
The Capitol
Far From Freedom