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Into The Sky Above - 3 (more) Winter Songs - available now!

"Into The Sky Above" is a continuation of The Sun Harmonic's anticipated Winter project, offering 3 more piano songs to you, your family and friends. A follow up to 2015's After We Fly, this EP features new piano songs that reach towards the pop and classical influences that built Winter.

Listen/Download the EP today: Into The Sky Above

NOTICE: The full programme - a 22 song double LP - “ WINTER ” - coming winter 2017

My "WINTER" Timeline:

NYE, 2009:

Compose C Major Fermata on the keys.

Winter 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14':

Keep writing seasonal songs for the piano.

Winter 2014:

Start recording the album, visit two grand pianos and spend one week in studio isolation.

Winter 2015:

Release "After We Fly" - a preview of 8 winter songs.

Winter 2016:

Release "Into The Sky Above" - another selection of 3 winter songs.

Winter 2017:

Release "Winter" (fingers crossed) - a concept album, a double-LP, a crazy idea?


Composed and recorded by The Sun Harmonic

All songs written during the winter months from 2010 to 2013

Kaleb Hikele performs: vocals, piano + keyboards, ukulele + guitars, cello, (trk 2+ 3), hand percussions, glockenspiel, whistling sounds etc.

Accompanists (in order of appearance): Nika Smith ( harmony, trk. 1 ) Scott MacPhee ( cymbal with blanket, trk. 1 ) Tanya Semple ( harmony, trk. 1 )

Record Producer: The Sun Harmonic Lyricist / Composer: Kaleb N. Hikele Sound Recording / Mix Engineer: K. Hikele Mastering Engineer: Tom Murray

Off-the-floor performances - piano & vocal - took place during the winter of 2014 in two sessions: A) The Rose Room Recording Studio ( Toronto ) Mon. March 3rd - engineered by Warren Hutton B) The Chalet Recording Studio ( Claremont ) Sun. March 9th - engineered by Josh Bowman

The remaining chemistry was conducted, over the next 168 hours and so on, in the basement lab titled: C) The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio ( Riverdale )

Thank you to all who helped and inspired.

Special thanks to Warren Hutton, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Dave Skrtich and Jen Routhier for their creative input, consultation and honesty that shaped this release.

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