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KING SNAKE CRAWL, a new rock n' roll album...

Canadian rock band KING SNAKE CRAWL presents 18 minutes of loud rock & roll music with their new self-titled album! Born out of the jam space, brought to the stage, left behind in these recordings…

Yours truly, Kaleb Hikele a.k.a. The Sun Harmonic, is the lead singer and melody man of the group, proudly!

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD available now @

LISTEN to the full album here: SoundCloud / YouTube

Tracklisting: 1. We Are Not Alone 2. Rip 3. All That We Had Left 4. Escape 5. WOAH

Watch the "We Are Not Alone" sampler and "All That We Had Left" slideshow video below!

Studio Credits:

Produced by The Sun Harmonic & King Snake Crawl

All songs written by Alex Walls (music) & Kaleb Hikele (lyrics+melody)

Recorded in Toronto, Canada at

Trench Recordings (off the floor, Halloween 14′)

and engineered/mixed by K. Hikele at

The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio


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