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"Winter" is here! My concept album, 8 years in the making, is now yours to experience...

I'm celebrating the season with the release of my new concept/double album called "Winter". The album is alive HERE - however, for music historians or fans alike, it was available exclusively to pledgers through a PledgeMusic campaign @!

Seize your own copy of my piano songwriting project that's been 8 years in the making! It is my dream come true. Experience the sounds of Winter!

This project began in 2010 as "the piano album" and has now turned into my jazz-rock/classical-folk indie opus; a double album, a concept album, a massive undertaking that was created, year after year, only in the Canadian winter.

Despite the passing of time, personal strife and an injury sustained while crafting the album, my story has been told and, magically, Winter is here! Buy a copy of the Double-CD / Lyric Book / Handmade Box Set / Vinyl and receive a complimentary digital download of the full album!

Take part in the experience, take home your own piece of Winter.

With love, The Sun Harmonic.

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