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Announcing "Songs By Strangers: Duets & B-Sides"

Two albums worth of new cover recordings are available this Autumn courtesy of The Sun Harmonic! The original Songs By Strangers (2014) has tallied over 35,000 streams on the web, so Kaleb felt like celebrating with another collection of his favourite songs to sing.

DUETS (available now!) features 8 songs sung as duets with his closest friends (and sister) including tunes by Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Fleetwood Mac, Thrice, Waylon Jennings, The Wizard of Oz and a nursery rhyme...

B-SIDES (click to hear the opening song) will include 11 solo cover songs on the piano and guitar, some of Kaleb's personal favourites from CCR, Louis Armstrong, Jack Johnson, Supertramp, and the list goes on... Tune in November 2017!

Thank you for listening, and scroll down below to enjoy some video footage of these recent duets from The Sun Harmonic's YouTube page!

Happy Autumn!

Love The Sun Harmonic


Leaving On A Jet Plane (John Denver cover by The Sun Harmonic)

Hurricane (Thrice cover by The Sun Harmonic)

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