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King Snake Crawl now streaming!

Kaleb sang in a noisy rock band when he was 13 years old. He even played my first dive bar show at 14. This surely left an impression on the mind and soul to this day. Rock and roll music made by King Snake Crawl (, featuring Kaleb behind the mic, is now streaming!

Listen to this rock & roll EP now on Apple Music & Spotify (and searchable on all other streaming sites!)

Here's some videos of The Sun Harmonic doing his thing in the rock and roll swing...

WE ARE NOT ALONE (Live at The Townhouse)

ALL THAT WE HAD LEFT (Pre-show jam at Princess Ave Playhouse)

WOAH! Live at The Rivoli

1) Filmed at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio, Riverdale, Toronto, Canada, by Joel Chico, Spring 2018

2) Filmed at Princess Ave Playhouse, St. Thomas, Ontario, by Helen Heikkila, February 2018

3) Filmed live at The Rivoli January 2016, by Jen Routhier

Lyrics and melody by Kaleb Hikele, music by Hikele and Alex Walls.

Rock on!

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