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Home Is Where Massey Hall Is

Hi. This is Kaleb. I am so very happy to share two new songs, recorded live on the stage of Massey Hall... Cheers to those magical moments in life!

Listen/Download "Home Is Where Massey Hall Is"

On July 3rd, the staff of Massey Hall took over the stage and the ushers became one large choir. We sang, danced and spilled beer on the stage before the lights went down and the venue closed to renovate for two years. Then somehow, magically, there were 4 minutes I was alone on stage to sing a song I had been writing for the Hall in it's final week, on behalf of the staff and Massey family. In the end, this tune is now the last song to ring out in the venue after 124 years. What an incredible night for all of us to become the finale to Massey Hall as we know it! Wow. Isn't it strange?

It was the best job you could ever have and I couldn't help but write a love song for The Grand Old Lady, dedicated to all of us who belonged to Massey Hall. Adios, see you when the doors reopen in 2020!

Caught on camera! Watch 3 angles filmed around the hall Here.

And, the ultimate sing-along jam session:

Stand By Me & Leaving On A Jet Plane

on stage at Massey Hall

Thank you for listening. Thank you Massey Hall.

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