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Winter comes again (digital download)

The Sun Harmonic (finally) publicly releases his personal favourite today, an album simply titled Winter - Available exclusively @ Bandcamp, as a digital download ($0 minimum, or by much-appreciated donation)

Enjoy his nearest and dearest album, long known as “the piano album", which grew into a folk/rock/jazz/classical concept album & double LP, devotedly created over 8 years (in the Canadian winter seasons)

This is the first time the album has been public since the private crowd-funding campaign in 2017. Spread the word, sound the alarms! Double CD, 4xLP and handmade lyric books still available for purchase for those magnetized towards physical media!

All the love from the guy who likes a true Canadian winter season. Sincerely, The Sun Harmonic.

[Photo taken north in the city, by Juliette M. Capdevielle]

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