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A Heart So Heavy - a love song, a new single out now!

A Heart So Heavy is now streaming worldwide!

Listen on Spotify, iTunes/AppleMusic, etc

There's folk, soul, hints of gospel, and rock n' roll love to spread around + 7" Vinyl & Digital Download For Sale! Visit

Recorded independently at The Rose Room Recording Studio and The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio in Toronto's east end, 2018-2019.

And now, some live performance videos for the taking!

Live with the rock trio (The Sun Harmonic: Ian McLennan, bass, Dave Skrtich, drums, Kaleb, piano and vocals)

Live at home, in The Townhouse livingroom, with lifelong friends (Jen Routhier right, Elise Heikkila left) singing an acoustic rendition with a bit of soul:

Sending my love to you! Sincerely, The Sun Harmonic.

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