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2019 Wrapped - New video, New EP + New songs coming soon!

The end of 2019, the end of a decade! The end of an era, you'd say. 2019 marked the 10th year anniversary of The Sun Harmonic and it turned out to be a good one. Tour dates across Ontario, new vinyl spread around to turntables all over Canada, new videos filmed in the comfort of home, releasing the most streamed single song from The Sun (A Heart So Heavy, 4000+ streams, thank you!) AND winning two nationwide indie musician competitions (Canada's Walk of Fame Emerging Musician Program and Record Store Day Canada's Unsigned Vinyl Competition, thank you both) - it's been a dream come true. Thanks to all who participated in making it an artistic year, one to remember.

Now it's 2020, this will be a bigger and better year. With two albums set to be released, lots of new music is on the way. A new EP from the band, rock n' roll songs collected into a short and sweet album called "It's All Okay, Thanks To You" (ssshh, you heard it here first!) coming in Spring 2020 on vinyl + digital, followed by the full length folk album "Coast to Coast" coming Fall 2020. Keep your eyes peeled and tune in!

But first, let's look back at 2019 and a few things that wrapped up the year:

A new video! All To Myself, Kaleb's "wedding song" sung with best friend Elise Heikkila at home in The Townhouse (fun fact, the first time this song was sung live at a wedding was Elise's wedding itself! Cool eh?) This song will be released as a studio recoridng on Coast to Coast in 2020. Enjoy:

+ A new EP! At Home in The Townhouse (self explanatory): four songs compiled from video shoots done in the living room or studio floor of The Townhouse. Two duets, an unreleased song never heard before, a rock vocal wail that'll make you shiver. Hope you enjoy it! Stream now on Spotify etc or download on Bandcamp.

And, surprise! Vinyl records coming to you in 2020 thanks to Record Store Day Canada + Microforum Vinyl. Exciting stuff for a vinyl nerd. Prep your turntable...

Thanks for tuning in here. All the best in 2020!

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