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It's All Acoustic (Unplugged EP Now Streaming)

Here is the acoustic companion to our folk/rock band EP released in April (How are you enjoying it? Did you miss it? Click here) This is a stripped down version of the same songs in the same order, including a piano demo of Sign On The Road from 2013 on my living room piano (where I wrote the song during a US election, dig deep into recent interviews for more on that story)

Listen/Download the acoustic EP

Stream the acoustic EP on Spotify

I performed the EP front to back the day it was released to the world, just me and my guitar (we were suppose to be opening for a famous Canadian rock band and celebrating the EP release, but, thanks pandemic!). It was special to have family and friends join me online. You can watch this full internet concert now.

These don't sound spectacular, they're not as exciting as the band recordings, but they are a direct result of the pandemic which has deflated all elements of our life. These are recordings of a guy stuck at home and singing for people on the internet, a moment in time we'll never forget. So, I hope you enjoy these tunes! Or, wait patiently for the next album (and re-releases) coming soon...

Save this EP for a rainy day, a casual calm hangout with yourself or roommates. Or! Listen to the louder band tunes, dance and sing along on Spotify. Here I am singing Sign On The Road live from home:

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