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Canadian Musician Magazine premieres "To the Blue"

To the Blue is alive now! Hear it first at the premiere by Canadian Musician Magazine ( Featuring a lyric video (below), studio stories about the making-of, plus a link to pre-order the digital download (out tomorrow, stream it everywhere on Friday) ❤

We hope you like the first tune released from Coast to Coast (more to come in 2021). Here's what Canadian Musician Magazine had to say:

"We're thrilled to be the first to share the latest song from Toronto-based folk-rock act The Sun Harmonic. Called "To The Blue," the song is taken from the band's forthcoming album, Coast to Coast.

The Sun Harmonic is a Canadian folk-rock outfit led by small town songwriter Kaleb Hikele, an adventurous composer and prolific recording artist based in Toronto's east end. Kaleb has finished his truly Canadian folk album, Coast to Coast, recorded cross-country over the last five years. The first single, tracked in Ottawa and Montreal, is called "To The Blue."

Befitting the name of the album, it was recorded across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax; as you listen to the LP, you travel from Vancouver Island to Toronto, Ottawa to Montreal, then Halifax and back home to a live recording captured from the wooden stage of Massey Hall in Toronto. Coast to Coast will finally be released on vinyl, CD, and streaming services in Fall 2021.

The fifth track on the album, "To The Blue" was tracked on the road in Ottawa and Montreal while Kaleb was on a round trip to Halifax for a recording spree in 2018. The first stop was Little Bullhorn, a home studio in Ottawa situated in a backyard shed that's packed full of instruments and analog recording gear. Kaleb brought out a trunk of hand percussions and recorded a layered and rhythmic foundation for the song first, with knee slaps, shakers, and quite a few tambourines. Next he set out to record a handful of acoustic guitar layers before jumping over to improvise on the in-house grand piano and keyboard synthesizers. Kaleb also fit in a recording of a slow jazz number, track six, "I Know", in the same studio later that day. Technical difficulties stopped him from recording the vocals in town, so when he arrived in Montreal to record the seventh track next, he sang vocals on the previous days recordings from Ottawa too."

More songs, from pure folk to acoustic punk to epic pop ballads, are coming soon from Coast to Coast, stay tuned for more announcements in 2021! Lots of love to you today.

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