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Coast to Coast LP is out now (Vinyl/CD) + Digital/Streaming October 1st

Coast to Coast is available today on VINYL + CD:

Visit - LP/CD arrives Canada Day, July 1st (For sale today) - Digital/Streaming coming October 1st (Details below) This is a folk album. Lullabies and love songs, upbeat acoustic jams and even a punk rock chant. It is my 5th Sun Harmonic album and 16th(?) studio release overall, I promise you it's one of (if not) my very best. Here's the tracklisting! Example: Song name (Studio location)

SIDE A: 1. Under the Weather (Vancouver Island) 2. Build a Boat (Vancouver Island) 3. Ocean (Vancouver Island) 4. Flying Over Saskatchewan (Toronto) 5. To the Blue (Ottawa/Montreal) 6. I Know (Ottawa/Montreal) SIDE B: 7. Finding Your Own Way (Montreal) 8. All to Myself (Halifax) 9. Spend This Life With Me (Halifax) 10. A Song for Her (Halifax) 11. The Grand Old Lady Sails Away (Live on stage at Massey Hall, Toronto)

DIGITAL PRE-SALE? If you'd like to buy a digital copy only AND still contribute to my album fundraising today, please donate what you can comfortably afford to and I will provide you with an 80% off discount code for the digital album (you'll pay $2). The official digital pre-sale will open in July! Spotify, etc, drops October 1st 2021.



Written and performed by Kaleb Hikele


Tracks 1-3: Vancouver Island, Dove Creek Studios (2015)

Track 4: Toronto, The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio (2018)

Tracks 5-6: Ottawa, Little Bullhorn Studios (Vocals circa Montreal - 2018)

Track 7: Montreal, Planet Studios (2018)

Tracks 8-10: Halifax, The Sonic Temple Recording Studio (2018)

Track 11: Live on stage at Massey Hall, Toronto, July 3rd 2018

[Further recording was conducted at Kaleb's home studio The Townhouse during the pandemic, September 2020 to March 2021]


Jessica Liadsky (vocals, tr. 9) Dave Skrtich (drums/vocals, tr. 4) Ian McLennan (bass/vocals, tr. 4) Nika Smith (vocals, tr. 8) Jennifer Routhier (vocals, tr. 7/8) Elise Heikkila (vocals, tr. 7/8) & Shawn Boyle (cello, tr. 2/6/10)

MIXED by Kaleb Hikele and Josh Bowman.

MASTERED (for vinyl and digital) by Dan Weston.

"Special thanks to the lovely Lyla Ocean and to the flight over Saskatchewan for inspiring the songs written while I was on the road.

Thank you (forever) to The Grand Old Lady, you brought me the love of my life and the best 4 minute performance I'll ever have on any stage.

And lastly, thank you to the trains, planes and automobiles that took me across the great Canadian landscape to inspire the making of this album. As you listen to the album, you travel with me from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean (and there's literally a recording of the waves from the shores of Cape Breton) Enjoy the journey."

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