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My concept/double album,

Eight years in the making.

Originally released privately,

wintertime, March 2017.


Own a copy of Winter:

Wooden bound handmade lyric book

- Sold Out on the road

"Winter Survival Kit" 8-disc BOX SET

- Sold Out via PledgeMusic campaign

Winter: Chapter One & Two

“He introduces jazz moves, classical ideas, and lush pop, with cello, trumpet, and a grand chorus of voices among the guests. With a fine, soothing voice as well, Hikele has done wonders for the piano player.”

– Bob Mersereau, CBC/arts journalist/

Top 100 Canadian Albums author, NB, Canada

The story of Winter:

What started as The Sun Harmonic’s simple idea, long known as his ongoing “piano album”, has now fully grown into Kaleb Hikele’s grand vision of a concept album simply titled Winter.

Inspired by the beauty and depth of the Canadian winter, Kaleb crafted this rock, folk, pop and classical album solely during the snowy season over the last eight years. Listen and you will hear the passion, creativity, joy, pain and protest that is carefully carved into the woodwork. Kaleb greatly appreciates your interest and support of his campaign and truly wants Winter to be more than an album, he wants it to be an experience.

The winter season can be long, it’s tough to get through, we know this all too well. But for Kaleb, it is a time to wander, to trudge through snow drifts, to sing from deep down inside and especially to be creative. Kaleb would routinely seek inspiration, challenge and devotion to compile his lyrics, recordings and musical landscapes that all embraced this deeply interesting season.

Winter after winter, the songwriting project delved deeper into the themes of beauty, struggle, love and loss. In it’s final years, the album went hand in hand with personal hardship, financial struggle and a physical injury sustained while working on the album, which prevented him from performing, recording and even crafting Winter for an entire year. Despite the harsh weather, his journey lead him towards the final act of completing the album in the winter of 2017. Imagine how finally being able to share this album with you is a dream come true for The Sun Harmonic.

Unique copies of the record were offered for the first time (exclusively through PledgeMusic campaign, February 20th to March 31st, 2017) made available on double-CD, a handmade box set and first-edition vinyl… remaining copies of the album are available here until the album is released to the online world when winter comes again in December 2017.


Stay inside and cozy up with a hot drink, a board game or a fireplace. Listen to the album on your own or with family and friends. But most of all, call on this music to help keep you warm each winter and enjoy the experience.

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