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Winter: Chapter One & Two, cut on clear winter-esque vinyl!


Sold Out in the PledgeMusic campaign March 2017!...

Re-pressing available exclusively here!

The complete Winter experience on vinyl record! 22 songs (+ 2 bonus) = 100 minutes of music on 8 sides of wax. Hallelujah!

Includes clear LP’s, studio notes/full lyric folder, plus a complimentary Box Set version of Winter via digital download (+6 bonus winter releases) With the vinyl + digital Box Set holding a grand total of 88 tracks, over 5 hours of winter music, I promise this will be enough to get you through each and every the winter!

FYI: The folder of song lyrics and studio notes is photocopied directly from Kaleb’s in-studio sessions, handwriting and scribbles left intact, so you can read and sing along.

PS. Two exclusive vinyl only tracks are included on Side D of these records! Not available anywhere else in the Winter catalogue….

  • Chapter One Bonus Track:
    As I Go Away (Live at Remenyi) Alternate Take 4

  • Chapter Two Bonus Track:
    The C Major Fermata Townhouse Demo


Happy turntable spinning!

Listen to the sounds of Winter.

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